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Introduction of chocolate flavored e-cigarettes

Incorporated in Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Event, Florida Anti-Tobacco Group Lies to Public About Tobacco Industry

According to an anti-tobacco group - SWAT (Florida) - the tobacco publication rack making chocolate-flavored electronic cigarette to lure youth to smoke. This claim signifies the tobacco publication rack breaking federal law, which precludes them from marketing chocolate-flavored cigarettes.

The specific claim may be the next: "Serious. Large Tobacco is making chocolate-flavored tobacco that may help you achieve smoke. Are they going to think you're stupid? Yes, they're doing. However, there's additionally a solution. On March 23rd, join kids all national for Kick Butts Day and stand facing Large Tobacco."

The apparent implication within the statement is tobacco publication rack making chocolate-flavored cigarettes. The assertion is not that giant Tobacco is making chocolate-flavored tobacco that may help you achieve munch, to be capable of snuff, nonetheless the publication rack along with your products that may help you achieve smoke. Thus, the implied claim might be the publication rack creating chocolate-flavored cigarettes, not just flavored electric tobacco.

Since such products are banned with the family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, SWAT's claim comes lower with an accusation the tobacco publication rack establishing copyrighted movies. This really is frequently a relatively serious accusation.

You'll find two aspects using this story that are not whatsoever surprising.

The foremost is the anti-smoking group is relaxing. This seems to own become acceptable inside the tobacco control movement.

Second might be the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is, in that way, behind this lie. It computes the SWAT group's campaign against flavored tobacco products which lure youth to smoke visits some celebration recognized to as Kick Butts Day, that's organized and allow you to be aware of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. The false accusation against Large Tobacco by SWAT applies to the marriage.

The false accusation against Large Tobacco is not just discovered in a single poster for that event. It is also located on the website inside the SWAT organization. The website includes a document, entitled "Unavailable: Large Tobacco's Sweet Tooth for Addiction," which states: "One of the tobacco industry’s most bold new tactics is the introduction of chocolate flavored cigarettes...". It lists as speaking points the following:

• "RJ Reynolds, who formerly used kids favourite Joe Camel to promote their products, have a very new kind of flavored Camel cigarettes with names like Twista’ Lime, and periodic flavored cigarettes like Bayou Blast Circus Berry Blend."

• "Kool cigarettes now can be found in a distinctive version recognized to as Smooth Fusion. The Elegant Fusions range in flavor from Caribbean Chill, Evening time Berry, Mintrigue and Mocha Taboo."

• "Several brands of periodic Camel cigarettes are named to reflect alcohol tastes like Margarita Mixer and Beach Breezer."

These speaking points are lies. Reynolds American removed its chocolate-flavored cigarettes in the marketplace five years ago. You'll find no lime, berry, mint, mocha, or margarita cigarettes presently in the marketplace.

While one cannot blame the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids directly of people lies, For me personally the Campaign does bear some responsibility on their own account as this is its event. Apparently, the Campaign is not delivering accurate information for your youths who be a part of Kick Butts Day. They are apparently not telling the youths the tobacco companies now stick with federal rules against putting chocolate tastes in best electronic cigarette -- legislation that brought to no public health benefit because no kids were smoking chocolate-flavored cigarettes.